India’s Healthy Living Studios’ History

India’s Healthy Living Studios, an alternate healthcare profession, has been helping clients for 30 years understand what is happening with their health and bodies when it seems there are no answers. With the body being the teacher, India Holloway and Mario Moralez, the faces behind the business, help guide their clients into following the body’s steps towards natural healing by providing in-depth information on the body.

Many of India and Mario’s clients have been through the wringer – passed on from one doctor to the next. Because of this, India and Mario pride themselves on educating their clients about health and wellness; they work hard to stay up-to-date on the latest health information and changes. Since each client is treated based on their specific needs and body type, there is no set path. Everyone is going to experience a different journey. The only motion that India undergoes with every client is her one-on-one consultation where she digs deep into the client’s health history to determine the best course of action before booking any services.

Through their extensive research into each client, India and Mario can provide the best education on that client’s body – they look at blood type, lifestyle choices, age and weight, diet and more to figure out what is ailing the client. They ask questions that no one thought to ask and often come up with something no one thought to look into. Sometimes they will even send the client back to their doctor to gather more information for their questions.

India and Mario will even work with a client’s nutritionist to come up with the best diet for that client. With India’s Healthy Living Studios’ own nutritionist’s vast knowledge, the goal is to not just tell the client what not to eat – they want to give options on what the bad food should be replaced with.

Based on this process and extensive information, India and Mario can determine the directional guidance for each client in a clear manner. They want to make sure the client understands each piece of information so there is no confusion or misunderstanding. By making sure the client is on the same page, everyone can then focus on the body’s instinct to heal.

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Know some interesting facts with us

Meet India Holloway

India Holloway is an author, lecturer and holistic colon hydrotherapist. She describes herself as a hard worker who was pushed into the field and hasn’t looked back since.

India first began when her husband Corrie, who was a chiropractor, taught her about the muscular-skeletal system. India incorporated the digestive system into her learning and found she was onto something unique. India’s sister Metanasa, who was a colon therapist, then entered the picture and pushed India into looking at colon therapy.

India’s sister moved from Colorado to California in 1987 in the hopes of opening a second office for her business. India helped her set up the office – she secured the space and even found a spot on a radio show for her sister to talk about the body. However, her sister eventually moved back to Colorado, and India was left to take over the business by herself.

She didn’t let that stop her, though. India went to school and learned the field from the ground up. She constantly researches and updates her knowledge of natural healing. She has since become a national and international board-certified colon hydrotherapist. With a Level 4 ranking, she is an instructor and can teach others into becoming colon hydrotherapists.

With over 30 years in the making, India has established a well-defined business. She has serviced over 5,000 clients and counting during this time.

India’s brother-in-law Mario Moralez joined the business after her sister passed away. His presence meant an increase in services for India’s Healthy Living Studios.

Meet Mario Moralez

Mario Moralez married India’s sister in 2005. As a colon therapist, India’s sister helped Mario get on a proper diet and learn how to take care of his body, including detoxification and fortification of the colon.

He was instantly hooked and studied under Metanasa, becoming a colon hydrotherapist himself. He attended Phoenix University and studied health care administration during which time it became obvious that what he learned from Metanasa – that disease starts in the colon – was true and based on diet. Mario eventually studied to become a nutritionist and learned that the blood carries nutrients; this led to his fascination with blood analysis.

With the help of a dentist friend who gave him a dark field microscope, Mario’s passion blossomed into live blood cell analysis, a service that is currently offered at India’s Healthy Living Studios. Mario specifically found pleasure in seeing the difference in clients’ confidence towards finding a means of relief after helping them understand their life force: their blood.

After Mario’s wife passed, he moved to California and joined India as a business partner, overseeing administration. He also introduced ozone therapy to India’s Healthy Living Studios after he learned that blood also carries oxygen along with nutrients; he researched the topic and saw where it could assist their clients.

As a natural practitioner, Mario’s main contributions are blood cell analysis and ozone therapy.