Our 10 Services

India’s Healthy Living Studios currently offers 10 holistic services; some are therapeutic, and others are simply services. Each holistic service is meant to help the client find relief and healing within the body, mainly through detoxification and fortification.

Colon hydrotherapy

is an irrigation flow through the colon to cleanse out waste, pollutants and toxic substances.

Iridology analysis

patterns and structures in the iris to see if an area in the body is strong or weak.

Blood cell analysis

with Mario shows our clients the health of their life force: their blood.

Ozone therapy

increases the amount of oxygen carried by blood cells to support the immune system and circulation.

Ionic foot baths

cleanse the blood by pulling toxins out through the pores in the bottom of the feet

Tesla Energy Lights

cleanse the body’s cells and stabilizes frequency back into the body with noble gas crystal tubes.

Coffee enema

helps the liver release toxins and other pollutants via bile elimination.

Blood type testing

lets clients know what their blood type is within minutes of pulling the blood.

Yoni steaming

assists the female reproductive system via herbal steam that soothes the outside of the vagina.

NEW – The total body detox

is a multiple-step experience to detoxify the body and bring peace to the client.