Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy (also known as a colonic, a colon cleanse, or colon irrigation) is when waste is gently removed from the colon using warm, filtered water. The waste can consist of fecal matter, gas, mucus, toxins, and other materials that are harmful to the body. A healthy colon is essential to the body’s overall health – it helps eliminate waste from the body. By removing the waste, the body can recover and heal. Vital nutrients can be absorbed more easily, and the colon flora can repopulate with friendly bacteria.

The colon accumulates waste overtime that can disrupt the body’s purification system. This can happen due to many factors, including a poor diet and dangerous lifestyle choices. Through autointoxication, toxic substances in the colon can transport into the bloodstream and affect the cells throughout the body.

Colon hydrotherapy should be completed by a trained colon hydrotherapist. To complete a colon hydrotherapy session, a speculum is inserted via the rectum. The water is slowly and gently infused into the colon before being flushed out using an FDA-acknowledged colonic device. Any built-up fecal matter and waste are removed. No chemicals or drugs are used during colon hydrotherapy.

The benefits of colon hydrotherapy can include increased energy, improved circulation, better digestion, and a boosted immune system. It also allows the colon to reshape.