Tesla Energy Lights

Tesla Energy Lights

The Tesla Energy Lights, or Tesla Light System, has multiple purposes and benefits for clients. The Tesla Energy Lights are an energy management system that donates electrons and recharges the energy bodies within the body with compatible high-frequency subtle energies.

The lights release a low voltage output that cleanses the body’s cells of electric and magnetic fields (EMF) that the client obtained from computers, cell phones, and other devices. The Tesla Energy Lights stabilize the client’s frequency back into the body and relax the muscles.

This stabilization comes from noble gas crystal tubes that are placed in carousels to deliver a full spectrum of harmonic ions to the client.

Tesla Energy LightsThe client lies on a table between two sets of tubes: one is put at the head, and the other is located at the feet. During the exposure to the lights, the client should focus on the body, mind, and spirit. The client will enter an alpha state, which is an altered state of consciousness that is often achieved during meditation, dreaming, or praying.

Each client has a different experience with the Tesla Energy Lights. Clients can feel soothing or relaxing energy. Other feel clarity and calm. The lights can help with stress and meditation, fuel energy and mental clarity, and promote vitality and rejuvenation within a client. They also help create positive feelings and balance within the body.