Sometimes you have to move because you need to expand, or perhaps you are looking for a new view. For India and Mario, the need for a new location came about after some struggles with their landlord. So after spending seven years at its old location at 8534 Washington Blvd., India’s Healthy Living Studios moved to its new location at 5807 Uplander Way.

Finding the Perfect Spot

After several issues with the landlord, including a rent increase, India and Mario began looking for a new location to move their holistic treatment business. A friend of theirs was also looking to move and had signed a lease on the location. However, she decided to go with a different option and recommended the location to Mario and India.

“We took that opportunity,” Mario said. “We came and built this out here and got it to where we like it for the services that we are doing.”

The new location has about the same square footage as the old one – 2,000 square feet – with an office and several therapy rooms that host a range of services.

However, getting the building to where it currently is was no easy task.

Renovating the New Location

Though Mario and India moved into their new location around March 2019, it wasn’t until that November that they had an open house for new clients.

They spent several weeks doing immediate renovations to the front part of the building – putting up and taking down walls, repainting, installing their equipment.

“We only did probably a third of it so we could open up for business,” Mario said.

They then put up a handful of pop-up tents in the back area so they could continue their different services in private.

Throughout September and October, they took down the tents, built out the therapy rooms, installed flooring and painted, just in time for their Nov. 3 open house.

Home, Sweet Home

While any move takes some time getting used to, Mario and India already feel at home. Their new location is wheelchair accessible and comes with street parking and a parking lot.

They are still in Culver City, but their new location is more convenient and less cluttered than the old one.

“We were right there on Washington Boulevard, and you could hear the traffic all the time, the sirens,” Mario said. “There is no conflict here.”

Indeed, with the green grass, trees and picnic tables, India’s Healthy Living Studios’ new location is quite idyllic.

“Everybody that comes in, they are so relaxed,” Mario said. “People are comfortable. People walk in and feel at home. It really enhances their healing and the services that we provide for them.”

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