Immune Support

Thiamine is an essential B complex vitamin that can provide a variety of health benefits. BenfoMax contains a highly bio-available form of this nutrient called benfotiamine. This supplement may help maintain healthy levels of advanced glycation end-product activity because thiamine promotes the production of TPP, an enzyme that may support already healthy glucose metabolism.

Enzyme transketolase uses three biochemical pathways to protect vascular tissues, which are the blood vessels that circulate blood to and from the heart and other vital organs. BenfroMax may also support the nervous system by promoting comfort, as well as the conduction velocity of nerves, which may allow nerve impulses to better communicate with each other. Due to its potential to moderate the enzyme activity of protein kinase C and support cytokine balance, benfotiamine might also support retinal function to support good vision. It can also promote kidney health by supporting the functioning of renal glomeruli, which are small units that clean and detoxify your blood before it is re-circulated into the bloodstream.


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