ChromoMate GTF 600



180 capsules

The metabolism requires nutritional support in order to stay active – it can provide the energy needed to function on a daily basis, and it may support efforts in maintaining a healthy weight and good athletic performance. One of these essential nutrients is chromium.

Chromium is a mineral that supports the metabolism of glucose and lipids, or fats. It may produce heart health and good vision while helping the body digest food more effectively. It may work to support healthy body composition by promoting a good balance between lean muscle mass and fat. This may occur when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Chromium may also help your maintain calcium levels, which support bone strength, and boost your mood.

One vegetable capsule contains 600 mcg. of chromium polynicotinate. This supplement’s potential cardiovascular benefits are maximized by providing nicotinic acid, or niacin/vitamin B3.