Liver GI Detox



Liver Detox Support

The liver’s main purpose is to filter the blood that leaves your digestive tract, thereby removing any waste of toxins that remain after digestion before sending the cleansed blood to the rest of your body. While most detoxes require a period of fasting or alteration to your diet, Liver GI Detox only requires you to take a couple of capsules per day with your normal meals. Liver GI Detox includes alpha-lipoic acid and n-acetyl-l-cysteine, which are antioxidants that boost your levels of a chemical call glutathione, which binds to heavy metals and makes it easier for your body to remove it as waste. It also has turmeric, a spice that contains a chemical called curcumin that may enhance the functioning of your body’s detoxifying enzymes, and artichoke extract, which helps support optimal blood flow in your liver and aid in the digestion process by promoting healthy bile flow. Glutamine helps your body reduce the number of toxins that make it through the intestinal barrier and into your bloodstream, and chlorella is known as a powerful blood purifier.


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