Sonic Silver




8 oz.

Sonic Silver is an all-natural multi-purpose germ fighter that you can spray anywhere on your body, as well as any other surface that you touch: countertops, household items, baby toys, kitchen utensils and more. It has also been used for topical infections, ringworm, psoriasis, skin allergies, jock itch, athlete’s foot, skin rashes, sunburn and various injuries. It may rejuvenate cells from degenerative conditions, as well as unnatural damaged conditions.

Sonic Silver is 100% natural and safe. It is made with pure silver mineral ions infused and correlated by a unique and special proprietary. This special kind of electronic correlation of minerals and water allows the water to take on a higher resonance of charge so that the water becomes wetter and more readily absorbable by the cells while also suffocating all unwanted microbes and bacteria, which charges our bio rhythm and expresses our aura.