Ultra Glandular Formula




90 capsules

Kelp 116 mg., dulse powder (leaf) 140 mg., chlorella powder 140 mg., spirulina powder 70 mg., nori powder 34 mg.

Other ingredients: Gelatin capsule

Doesn’t contain yeast, soy, corn, wheat, barley, starch, sugar, milk, coloring, preservatives

  1. Kelp is used to boost the immune system, treat the common cold and recurrent ear infections and prevent respiratory infections, as well as for malaria and other diseases caused by parasites.
  2. Dulse powder provides high levels of potassium and calcium, which is essential in maintaining strong bones. It can help boost antioxidant levels and help people suffering from high blood pressure, as well as improve eyesight and keep the thyroid healthy.
  3. Chlorella powder is a good source of protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, and it detoxifies heavy metals, supports the immune system, promotes weight loss, slows the aging process, fights cancer and helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol. It is used to stimulate the immune system, increase white blood cell count, prevent colds and protect the body against toxic metals such as lead and mercury. It is also used for irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, inflammation of the colon and necrotizing enterocolitis.
  4. Spirulina powder has a high protein, iron and mineral count, and it is being researched for its potential effects on the immune system, inflammation and viral infections.
  5. Nori powder contains high amounts of vitamin B12 and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and minerals, including zinc, manganese, iron, selenium and copper.


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